Phase 2

Phase 2: In-person qualitative research

In-person fieldwork will involve in-depth interviews with farmers and workers and ethnographic (observational) research.

Observational in-person research is very important to allow research findings to be contextualised in the physical and lived environments in which people carry out their daily lives. It allows researchers to engage with actors who do not normally engage with internet-based methods of research.

In-person fieldwork in producing regions has been postponed until phase two of the research due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It will commence after the survey roll-out. The survey results will be used to inform the exact locations of observational research. Given the Bristol-focused starting point of the project, these locations are expected to be in Southern, Western and Central regions of England.

A case study of one foreign production context is also planned. This has been included in the research in order to consider a case of citrus fruits or bananas, which are routinely included in ‘five a day’ health campaigns and which are only available at scale from outside of the UK. The intended overseas case study is located in a citrus producing region of Spain.