Phase 2

Phase 2: In-person qualitative research

In-person fieldwork will involve in-depth interviews with growers and workers and ethnographic (observational) research. Some other people with experience in the sector will also be invited to take part in interviews for the project because of their in-depth knowledge.

Observational in-person research is very important to allow research findings to be contextualised in the physical and lived environments in which people carry out their daily lives. It allows researchers to engage with people who do not normally respond to internet-based methods of research. For this reason the researcher will be travelling to at least five identified counties in the UK which produce high volumes of fruit and vegetables.

As part of this phase of the research we will visit public events and trade shows hosted by the sector. The first of these was a visit to the British Leafy Salads Association Demonstration Day, held in Shropshire. Although the emphasis in this phase of the project is on place-based and in-person encounters, some follow up interviews will take place on-line, especially where the researcher has already met the participants in person.

The survey results from phase one of the project are informing the exact locations of observational research. Given the Bristol-focused starting point of the project, these locations are expected to be in Southern, Western and Central regions of England.

Salad at the British Leafy Salad Demo Day, June 2023.